Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's Me on Picture !! CEKIDOTT !!

Maybe some of you who already know me, of course you know how my attitude and behavior when with you. And this is my current condition in immortalized in a camera. hahaa. CEKIDOTT !!

( Me in Ancol Beach )

( Me in Garden Strawberry with ATV )

( to be Muslimah Girl )

( Me with Wulan in WC XXI CBD )

( Me, Bibah and Ayu at the August 17th Independence Day Events )

>>( Me and my School Friends in Ice World Metos )

( Me and My School Friends at Kandang Jurang Doang by Dick Doank )

And here's a few of the events in my life that I can share my personal blog. For criticism and advice can only direct comment here. Thank you. :))

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